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About Us

About Mike Lindell

Mike Lindell is known by millions of consumers as the “MyPillow® guy,” but he hasn’t always been an entrepreneurial businessman. For two decades, beginning in 1984, Mike battled a heavy cocaine addiction. While he knew God had a plan for his life, despite the prayers of his sister and friends, his addiction was too strong to overcome alone.

Mike’s addiction led to a number of sleepless nights, during which he became frustrated by the industry’s purposeful design of pillows that went flat and broke down. Driven by his desire for a good night’s sleep, he took everything he didn’t like about pillows in the market and turned his pain into his passion. Thus was born MyPillow®, the world’s most comfortable pillow.

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Even though Mike knew his revolutionary pillow would change lives, MyPillow® experienced the same struggles faced by any new business, including unreliable vendors, corruption by business partners and copycats. But compounding these challenges was Mike’s ongoing addiction to drugs. He would go days without sleeping and spent most of that time working on his company.

It wasn’t until five years after inventing MyPillow® that Mike had an encounter with Jesus that forever changed his life.

On January 16, 2009, Mike knew he couldn’t go one day further on drugs. He felt God telling him the opportunity to serve Him would close if he didn’t walk away from his addictions – right then and there.

Mike was determined to make the biggest comeback ever to show the world that with God, all things are possible. He had one prayer – that he would wake the next morning without the desire for drugs and that God would use him and his story to change the world.

Through that encounter, God showed Mike that He had a bigger plan for his company. MyPillow® isn’t the ultimate goal. It’s merely the platform to facilitate God’s purpose for Mike and the world.

We are Passion

The Lindell Foundation has a goal of creating a revolution of love by serving the most vulnerable individuals in Jesus’ name. We know we can't fix the world's problems alone, so we've worked with teams across the nation to develop Lindell Foundation, an innovative, "game changing" giving platform that makes it easier than ever for compassionate individuals to impact urgent, critical needs nationwide.

Lindell Foundation is revolutionizing charitable giving. Unlike most online platforms, Lindell Foundation guarantees that 100 percent of every dollar donated goes directly to those in need, as Mike Lindell underwrites all administrative and overhead expenses. Further, donors can follow their donations from beginning to end and receive updates on how the recipients are doing, allowing them to see how their generosity has truly blessed and changed a life.

Additionally, Lindell Foundation is removing the potential for corruption by implementing a system that validates the need before it is ever placed on the platform. Over 75 ministers across the nation have been trained and equipped to evaluate needs and determine those that are most urgent. After a need is met, a third individual will travel into the city or town to verify that 100 percent of the money and resources donated made it to the intended recipient.

When he started MyPillow®, Mike Lindell decided he would take away every obstacle to buying his product by providing 10-year warranty and a money-back guarantee. That business philosophy helped make MyPillow® the success it is today. With Lindell Foundation, Mike Lindell is applying those same principles to humanitarian and non-profit efforts. Lindell Foundation provides the same money-back guarantee that MyPillow® offers. If a donor has any dissatisfaction in how his or her donation was used, the Lindell Foundation will refund 100 percent of the money. Through Lindell Foundation, we want to make giving a rewarding and worry-free experience.